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Based on British culture and together with the best English gin producers, a snack was created to complete the ritual between distillate, ice, tonic water, and spices.

This is an aperitif snack of excellence capable of bringing out the botanical aromas present in Gin&Tonic that are distinguished by the elegance and enhancement of unique and original flavors.

This array of flavors contributes to a true Perfect Serve.

Luxury Beer

Inspired by German wisdom, to accompany the most varied Premium and Craft beers and surprise their lovers, the best ingredients and spices from around the world were selected with the aim of enhancing the true flavor and intensity of beer, thus creating the perfect harmony and balance between two worlds.


sabores para realçar todas as notas aromáticas e frutadas do vinho branco, champagne, vinhos espumantes e cavas, contribuindo assim para a perfeita harmonia e equilíbrio do néctar dos deuses com este delicioso snack.
flavors to enhance all the aromatic and fruity notes of white wine, champagne, sparkling wines, and cavas, thus contributing to the perfect harmony and balance of the nectar of the gods with this delicious snack.

An unequaled moment of tasting.

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